Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Hello Everyone...

What a beautiful couple of days here in NZ with Spring springing and Summer just around the corner, or the next corner, but really lovely and I was able to do a bit of gardening..[just a bit]..

So here we are mid month already and time for a reminder of our challenge over at SASAYAKI GLITTER  with the theme ..Halloween/Harvest..

For my project I used my favourite Owl..called..SPOOKY OWL

I coloured with pencils this time and made a shaker using the Tonic Studios #12 card kit..[ I bought a one off as there were so many dies and pouches and papers and stuff]

There's my side view, all gold,glittery and sparkly, all papers from the kit and the die cut leaves..

I did fill my shaker a bit too much and you can't see my image..

but if I shake to the right, you can see more..,

And a shake to the left you can see the other

I loved making this card and going to keep it for me..

Thanks so much for stopping by, do check out the blog HERE if you can to see what my team mates came up with..

I'm off to my craft room again as I have orders to fill and time is ticking..
See you tomorrow..


Monday, October 15, 2018


Hello Everyone..

It is Oldie but Goodie time with SASAYAKI GLITTER  and I'm going to from the Wedding section..

This happy couple went around the whole world until they found a cute little island to settle on..they were all coloured up with my markers and fussy cut out..

There was even real sand under the die cut palms..

You never know, they may even stay there.. 

Thanks so much for stopping by..

We have more inspiration on the blog by my team mates..

Loads more images at the SASAYAKI GLITTER STORE

See you tomorrow..


Sunday, October 14, 2018


Hello Everyone..

Okay, I played with Oxides and had a lot of fun and really I was able to make 5 very quick cards after the inks were properly dry, and that was a good thing..

But now I needed Flowers...I love flowers and colouring them, but I only had one or 2 stamps and spent my I went onto the Internet and loaded in my browser ." Free colouring pictures/drawings of flowers to colour." have to be pretty precise with your description or they will give you pictures of trucks in a garden!..

So I found plenty to play with, printed them out, and coloured and coloured and here is one.

I used my Altenew markers for this one and they really are lovely to use..

I white heat embossed the sentiment..

and just kept the card real simple..

Thanks for stopping by..Brr..we had a frost this morning and it is really cold..welcome Summer..REALLY!!..hope your weekend goes wonderfully and I will see you tomorrow..

Miss Holly is home and trying me to get out all the time..she has never been in a dirt box..she was born outside and had to fend for herself from there..after 24hrs of not peeing I open the door and said GO!..she went, and did it and came back onto the couch..clever girl..


Thursday, October 11, 2018


Hello Everyone..

First off thank you so much for your love and thoughts over my cat Holly..I was so deeply touched here and on Facebook with all your comments and good wishes..

She is doing so much better, that this morning the vet has taken out her IV line, keeping her for one more day [today] and night, then she can come home.

So onto todays projects..

When  I went on my shopping spree without getting out of my chair!!..I also bought the new set of Distress Oxide inks and played quite a bit with them..

Real simple cards...and get your sunglasses ready...

These colours were..Mustard Seed & Rip Persimmon

Mustard Seed & Crushed Olive..

I like this one..a lot..Ripe Persimmon & Barn Door..then added a corner die in soft grey..

This one was fun..I added gold leaf to it..Crushed Olive & Mowed Lawn with splatters of Ground Espresso, the the gold leaf..

You can see the gold better here...

This one..Dusty Concord, Stormy Sky & Tumbled Glass..

And the last one was Spun Sugar with a blending tool then stamped with white embossing powder and bits of it coloured with my markers..and splatters of gold paint..

So there you are..these kept me busy for awhile and I really enjoyed making the panels  up when everything was dry..all this smooshing was done on Canson water paper..

Thanks so much for stopping by..


Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Hello Everyone..

Do you remember this little cutie coming into my life from the undesirables who live behind me...

She was only five months old when she wandered in my back door and became my friend..

She came every other day for a few weeks, then did this in my wardrobe....

Although this is not my wardrobe, this is my craftroom where she moved them to when they were 2 weeks old..

This was my pick of the bunch and I called her " Wicket "..she was the runt of the litter but the most intelligent..

She vanished from my small yard one evening and was never seen again..I think she went through the hit and miss fence, then got confused and went through another which took her into another street and kept on my mind I try to think she met the most wondferful people and lived happy ever after...

Casper found a home very quickly....

and Olivia was very close behind...

So the kids left home and Holly and me became great mates and I took her off to the vet to have her de sexed...all was well UNTIL....

Holly came into season again and the Toms came from all over the world [well, seemed that way..]

I rang the vet and told them what was happening and they said she may have been close or just started the season so it needed to finish.???!!

She acted quite unrespectable in the driveway and I told her so..

The Toms left after a week and few days after doing all the disgustung things they do, on my car, my porch, my gate and even her food bowl..

Then she got cat flu...

She was so ill and this is how she breathed...but she is a fighter and I got her all fixed up..

So life went on...

Holly was getting fatter and fatter as the weeks went on..she ate like a horse [no disrespect to horses it is just a saying].

She started getting in my wardrobe [she is fixed...right..]

She then got into my bed in the day time and nestled right under my pillows..cute huh!..

Sometimes she layed on top...[ look at that belly]

and she also woke up and gave me a look...

I got the message loud and clear and left the room...

So life still went on, and I went to work and I was soooo looking forward to these holidays I am on now...15 glorious days..

On the Thursday 4th Oct. I came home and found Holly in between my pillows with a tiny little cream/white kitten, which alas was dead, but perfect in appearance..

I talked to her and she was not distressed but I knew there were more comiong..there were...3 in all and all dead...then she took a turn for the worse..

I rang the vet and she was dubbed the " Miracle Cat" she had been speyed and this should not have happened..

Well, she has gone from bad to worse and has been in the vet hospital since with infections, fevers, abdominal infections, bowel infections and really very ill..

I miss her terribly and my holidays have found me a bit flat.

The vet is covering all expenses so that is a blessing for me..

Just wanted to share my to have my mammogram now, that should be fun,I'll be even flatter won't
Thanks for stopping by, and tomorrow I will have some projects to share..


Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Hello Everyone...

I'm on my holidays at the moment and had spare time to just play and muck around trying new techniques [to me..] in my card making..

I bought a few [ a lot..] of bits and pieces to add to my growing craft room, but I feel they were very essential to me..

First I bought...

Tonic Studio card kit..#12 one off purchase as I really loved the elements in it..
This is the link Card kit #12 Tonic Studios as they wont let me copy the picture to show you and mine has been opened and all over the place..I have one picture with some of it..

These are the dies..big leaves, small leafs so many details on them..shaker leaf cups..[ thats the white leaf shape, the cup is clear so you cannot really see it...and I have made a project using these for a DT project so I  will show you later]..embossing powder, shimmer pen,liquid pearls drops, stamp set with matching dies..and gorgeous papers and card stock and some other stuff I just cannot remember, but so worth while grabbing the kits when you can.

Next up I thought why not..I was sick of my cutter sliding around and being silly, cutting crooked cause the blade was bought a new one..

He is tiny, but cuts perfectly..Tim Holtz, very good and very light.

and while I was there...

A stamping platform..AM I IMPRESSED OR WHAT..I love this thing and stick all my stamps in there..and still get my sentiments crooked but I'm learning..and lining up leaves with the next purchase, well, lets just say I am not top of the class for this..

But I will keep practising..

This is the stamp set I bought from Altenew..

With it's matching dies..

Now my brain just couldn't figure out the order of stamping and I made a right hash of it...several times...but there are fantastic youtube videos to help and I will get them out again soon and practise,practise,practise..

Then I watch a youtube video showing a new release from Altenew using their new markers...and I wanted I bought them..

They are really nice...brush end and nib end..alcohol markers, good blenders...

I will show you projects using those later on..

Okay, I went shopping mad and need to work another year now to save up before I retire...

I also [no pictures or we would be here all week]..papers pads, card stock, glues,Nuvo drops..[they are just lovely]..

I worked all year and saved hard to do this as I have always scrimped and scraped and bought cheap and tacky and I really wanted to get some nicer stuff..I am so happy with what I have now and looking forward to another year of saving..

Tomorrow or the next day I will be back with a set of cards I made using Tim Holtz Distress Oxide inks..they are fun to play with [and] I told you I went shopping NUT'S..

Thanks so much for stopping by..


Sunday, October 7, 2018


Hello Everyone..

Well, that month flew by didn't it, and now it is October and time for a new challenge, with the seasons changing and all, over at ADDICTED TO STAMPS  with the theme..

                                               AUTUMN COLOURS.

I actually stamped..I did masking and stamping and colouring..

I won this fabulous flower stamp set from Lisa Lynn's Candy..

And I made this..
I coloured with my markers and added white gel pen, lots of dots and even rustled up some sequins..

I really like this card and it has changed my style just lately, which I will share the loads I have made in the next few days..and I've been shopping too, and will show you some new stuff I have..

So there we go...thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you tomorrow.