Monday, December 11, 2023


 Hello everyone,

What a great weekend, I was spoilt and so happy..

First of all..this came..

and it was son then said via messenger..
" clean out your window area in craftroom, see you after work"

So set to by bringing out these cubes with all my dies, and they were heavy, into my hallway.
I have my cubes on their sides, makes them a lot more sturdier.

to make the room under this big window...

and then I knew, he hated these venetians which were always crooked...

as the slats were held together with popsicle sticks, they were bent and some cracked, but were okay by me..

Then of course, getting the old venetian out and getting the new blind in, all this stuff had to be moved..
not too far but moved all the same..

it was said once that my room was big enough to swing a cat in, but sure is not big enough with all my stuff around to get this long blind in the room, for turning purposes..

But then it was up...

and down...perfect..I can see out, but no one can see in, I even turned the light on last night went outside and perved in, nothing, cannot see anything..

and if you wish for thirty seconds of up and down pleasure,
 I included a video, did I say it is motorised..
I'm so lucky..

Thank you so much for stopping by, no craft project today,
I'm too busy playing with my blind..

I'll see you tomorrow..



Sunday, December 10, 2023


 Hello everyone,

I've drifted away from Christmas card making and sort of a hard thing to do, cleaned my desk, sneaked some trees out to make something else then came some wedding orders...and that is why I get done so early as every year it's the same, right in the middle of Dec the wedding orders start, as for some reason our brides like to get all sweaty standing in the hot sun in February, the hottest month of the year and get married..

This order was, " I trust you, do whatever you want, colours, design, traditional, non traditional, whatever" ..which, to be honest, is a little scary...I like a bit of direction, but I went for it..

So, I started with making the card base, picked fairly quiet papers and knew I had this ribbon rose in my wedding box stash, and wanted to use that..

I was also given that cute couple, several actually, wedding cake toppers, but perfect for  my dimensional cards and boxes, you can really load up your card if you make boxes to put them in..

Small frames are paper die cuts and I layered a few together..

and squeezed the couple a photo frame.

Added sone cream lace I had under the ribbon roses...

and a tiny pink heart above the this stage I didn't have permission to share the names 
or project.

then I did, so the sentiment was sort of the focus, PC generated..

Flowers went everywhere. I couldn't stop.

The rose with gold trim are resin, I've had them for years.

So the card was fully loaded..

The happy couple in their frame..

and nestled in the box all ready to go..

This order I already had as you can tell by the date before anyone still they are coming in also valentine already...sheez...
So there we go..

Thank you so much for stopping by, I'll see you tomorrow..


Saturday, December 9, 2023


 Hello everyone,

You know how I love scenes and stuff, and sometimes you just don't have the die you really want, so I made my own....well, I didn't make and die, but I made my wheel..

I labeled this picture in case I saw it and wondered why I took a picture, I tell you, sometimes the lights are on but no one is home..

So chose my wheel size and put two dies together..sort of like a frame.

Cut the first one,
 then a second one smaller for the wheel center,..

then I cut strips roughly the same size for the spokes.

glued them to the center bit..

flipped and coloured with my markers, chisel end, so much quicker..

then lined up the die cut rim...

Glued it down and trimmed the ends off...DONE!
I had a wagon wheel..

using my Nuvo stone drops I added..

Wheel nuts...

another load of die cutting to make a scene, sort of..

The first thing I did was splatter the light grey card
 in the background with white

Then decided where my bits would go.

The lantern needed a touch up...

so added some fir tree fronds..

Placed the trees at the back nestled in the snow..

The wagon wheel lodged in the snow too, along with the lantern with added berries..

the popped a little robin on top of the wheel..

Trying to think and place a sentiment..

and after a thousand try's, I went white, simple and rectangle!!

Finally DONE!!..

But I love my wheel, what do you think, looks pretty cool doesn't it..

Thank you so much for stopping by,
I'll see you tomorrow..


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Friday, December 8, 2023


 Hello everyone,

I have another commissioned card to share, my instructions were, an older style car, he is an arborist,and owns horses, and 65, go for I did.

and played with this fabulous tree die, great for scenes..

this is the car he drives..or one like it..

so, die cut trees tyres, number plates and


wood panel papers for my background

matted and added the car..

tree on inside..

all other elements on the front and a big black and shiny 65..
That was the card sort of done..

For the box, sort of same just a bit different. It has the cowboys.

a simple gold congratulations and..


He loved it..

So there we go..

How's all the shopping going, card making and posting....

I'm done, and very pleased with myself..

While I'm here, going to blow my trumpet for a bit..

GRAND stoked..

Thank you so much for stopping by,
 I'm off the kitchen to get meatballs done and in freezer for next weekend, 
that's if I can get my swollen head through the door frame..