Saturday, April 23, 2011

Too much chocolate...[Groan]

Hello everyone,

YEP!!! overdone it already and today is only Saturday 1pm.....Who taught these kids how to share...??

I've not only eaten mine ,but half of theirs too, if they dont like it, all I here is ' here you are Nana' so I eat

Two cards today for challenges...

"Pink and sweet" for crafts and me I made my flowers and leaves...the leaves a new spellbinder die...same with the butterfly, and the image is from the candy I won...but the poor girl is talking to no one cause I cut her phone line..oop's

The second card is bright colours  Green  yellow  orange  for Theres magic in the air

Well this is as bright as I can go. Got the colours all there. Another cute image given to me from Squirrel. Oh!! I made my pins...bought some beads Thursday...and played with pins...

Well, thats  'all folks' ....sorry.... kids are watching Bugs Bunny on Dad should be home at 2.30 so I should get off the computer and entertain them for want to watch Bugs



Danielle said...

Hello Chrissy, you worked hard! Both card are wonderful, the big red bow is super! and Tilda is soooo cute. Love the colors very much in this 2nd card, your coloring is very nice.

Lisa Jane said...

oh dear lol..good job Easter is only once a year lol
Two fab cards .. they are both gorgeous
Lisa x

Viv said...

Chocolate overload! LOL! Gorgeous cards Chrissie, though you're very cruel, how's a person sposed to live with their phone line cut? I love your bows! How do you get them so perfect...hmmmm?

Hope you enjoyed bugs bunny...hehehe!

Squirrel x said...

Both fabbie cards hun and great colours in both, love the skewhiff backing on Tilda. Hope you don't get too much of a belly ache from all that chocolate! Have a super Easter hun. Sxxx

Dora said...

These are gorgeous Chrissy, love how you used the die cut on the first one.. now you're inspiring me :) Awww about your tummy ha ha xx Happy Easter

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie gorgeous cards love the bows on both of them. Love the images too hun & she is standing thankful you cut her line as she will now have cheaper phone bill lol.
You can never have too much choccy no no!!! Hope you have a super weekend hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx
P.S. Oh the DSST means double sided sticky tape hun sorry I should have wrote that really especially for people not in the uk.....sorry hun. Its basically the empty roll of tape lol. xoxox

Michelle said...

Hi Chrissy

You obviously work well under the effects of a sugar high, lol.

Two fabulous cards!!

Love the diecut and the butterfly on the first one.

Happy Easter

Michelle :-)

jules said...

oh Chrissy two gorgeous cards!!!!

Molecraft said...

Two gorgeous cards Chrissy, love the big bows! You have to overdose at easter, its allowed lol!
Helen x

Deb said...

beautiful cards, sounds like fun with your Grandchildren! How lucky having kids who don't like chocolate!
Have a fabulous Easter Weekend!
Happy Crafting, Debxx

Zoe said...

lol Chrissy, you are a crack up. Been sitting here reading through some of your posts and chuckling away. You certainly had me at cutting the poor girls phone line off. I'm sure my gran wanted to do that to me many times growing up! hhaa Love both of your cards too, fab colouring on miss Tilda. hugs xxxoo

Mandy said...

Ha ha ha, so you're the choccy monster, god I'd have to fight mine for theirs lol.
Gorgeous cards Chrissy :)
You must force yourself to eat more choccy today, it's the law as it's Easter lol
hugs Mandy xx