Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My biggest fear

Hello everyone,

Wednesday 12.30 pm....just popped in to home to post this card, scoff a bit of lunch, then off again.

Busy, busy, busy, everyone breaking hips and all those awful things, and I'm their for them getting the house work done. New couple this morning...fabulous wont believe what they did.
They got their daughter-in-law in to clean so the place would not be dirty for their hearts.

This wee card is for a challenge at Stamp Fairy and they want to see balloons[yuk] somewhere.

These things have haunted me from childhood.Hate them..terrified...will cross the street if they are in shop doorways...wont allow g/kids or my kids, when they were young to have one.

BUT...I put not one.. but...5 on this card. I'm ok with pictures, and embellishments, will even walk a bit closer to them than I used to...and cant watch them make animals  even on TV..I have to leave the room, or turn the telly off.

Sorry...wandered off the subject of my card...theres wee 'Lenny'. wish I had made him a bit bigger, as he sort of dissappeared into the card. Added tiny buttons around the lace die, and the red THINGS..were a freebie,from 'stamp fairy' as was' Lenny' the other are little wooden ones out of my stash. The sentiment was a freebie from..oh! no sorry I found it..Marion.

So theres my card, I've ramble enough, now I'm running the whip girl...get on ya bike..all that.. I'm off.

P.S. get far did I ...just a wee note to let you know that I love commenting, my favourite pass time but at the moment blogger is being a twat, and I cant say hello to most of you, he keeps wanting me to sign in, but , even after I do and go to publish again, the ning nong says 'sign in'
Some blogs are fine, and some are not, but I've visited, and you are all fabulous.


Gerda said...

Hi Hon

thanks for the fun post!! I am so happy that you joined us and played with paper balloons *thehe*

Love your card, the twine looks adorable on the card. Adds some extra cuteness!

Thanks for playing with us at Stampfairy Challenge this week.

Hugs, Gerda

Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissy, I am running a test to see if this works. I have been having the same issue with blogger and I am going stark raving mad! Hugs, Lisa G I decided to put this under Anonymous as I hate this and I won't quit until I get my way. I am with you on the balloons. I hate the sound and I am soooo affraid that my kids would choke on one if it pops. Love your card the little guys is the best part. Hugs again. Lisa G

cheryl said...

great post hun this is one gorgeous card just love love the colors and detail love it hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Lisa Jane said...

oh what a cutie .. and the balloons and buttons are fab
Lisa x

coops said...

gorgeous card chrissy,love the fab image and fab fun colours and design.
don`t mind balloons but clowns and face masks scare me :S

xx coops xx

Mary J said...

I had the same issues too honey with blogger! But thank goodness it's back to normal!

Gorgeous card - you should have got over your phobia of balloons now, lol!!

Did you pop by Ladybug Crafts Ink yet? I think you may get a nice surprise...

Vicky said...

Hello my sweetie bless that couple oh how sweet is that...thats just awesome!!
Loving the card especially the BALLOONS pmsl eee you have made me chuckle hun but then you always do sweetie lol. Love the image it sure is a cutie.
As for blogger I had the same problem a few months ago drove me round the bloody bend but then it seemed to fix itself & touch wood I've not had it again. There are a few people having this same problem hun.
Hope it fixes soon for you sweetie.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

heidy said...

Well Chrissy your the first one I will try to leave a comment,I was her early this morning and it
wont work,so good luck to me lol
Your card is so lovely1
Hugs Heidy

heidy said...

Oke I did it your way and I think it's working
Thank you!
XXX Heidy

Shirley-Anne said...

Hi Chrissy . Well you did make me chuckle with this post , what with your coming and going.
your card is delightful . Love buttons and balloons .

NGCARDS said...

A very cute card hun, you must be the first person I've heard of that is scared of balloons, bless you lol also I'd just like to say thanks quickly for visiting my blog so much recently, it's very kind of you :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh what a really gorgeous card!! I adore the image and your buttons look fabulous on your frame sweetie! Hope you're doing well!! HUGS :)

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Chrissy this is so very sweet and adorable!
kim x

Anonymous said...

Glad you overcame your balloon fear enough to make this fab card, love the buttons!
Helen x

Jennifer said...

So gorgeous! xx Jenny xx

Tab said...

Oh Chrissy, I love your card, hun! Such a sweet image!
Hugs Tab xxx

Heather Huggins said...

This really cute. Love all the buttons!!

Anonymous said...

tehehehee! LOVE your card love the post too! I can relate to what your saying I hate plastic dolls! YUK! so I totally understand your hate for real balloons... Anyway! your card is lovely and I love all the buttons too!
Thanks for playing along with us on the Stamp Fairy Challenge this time, hugs Samantha

Unknown said...

Hi Chrissy, this is so cute, love all the buttons on your card, so fun. and hey thank you for joining us at StampFairy and good luck xx

marion82 said...

Your card is amazing!! Thank you for using my sentiments