Saturday, March 28, 2020


Hello everyone..

Hope you are well and safe..I have the undesirables down the back not obeying the rules and myself and the nice neighbour have called the cops several dirty piece of nothing blew his nose, as they do, walking up my drive....he was arrested.

Anyway, away from bad stuff and onto a project that went with the DAD card the other day..this one was for the MUM..

She loves orange so that is what she got...

These letters were a soft chipboard,painted white, then gold embossed with a Stampin' up Leaf stamp..I'm gonig to do that again as I really like it..

No matter how I photographed this the letters looked crooked, but they weren't..

Okay, the bottom one my have been a bit skew wiff, just tilt the head slightly and we are good to go..

Lots of flowers from my stash and die cut leaves..

My "V"on my keyboard is all sticky as I spilled my coffee and the "N"is not much better..I cannot use number 3 across the top at all and I found a tomato pip stuck in the middle..I must stop eating and drinking by my computor..

So there we go moans and groans and all, but all in all I am enjoying being locked up and I think today I will make thank you card sets, or tidy my craft flowers and put them all back into colours.. why would I take them out of colours is beyond me, but I did, and now it is so hard to find what I want..

Have a great evening/day and I will see you tomorrow..
Thanks so much for stopping by..



pinky said...

Crikey Chrissy, that is awful!! I am so glad you reported them!!!AxxHxxxs! I do love your card, the colours are amazing together and the Mum looks straight to my crooked eye lol. Big hugs

jimlynn said...

Chrissy - loved your post! Smile!!!!!
Also love all that orange on your beautiful card. So pretty and I know your mom loved it too.

crafty-stamper said...

Gorgeous card Chrissy love the orange and all the beautiful flowers.Great idea with the stamped embossed letters which look fine to me-I had to get a new keyboard a couple of months ago grandaughters spilled fizzy drink and first three keys on each row stopped working so got banned!!!Ban would now be lifted if we could at least see them again---don't go there will be crying-sorry to hear about your undesirables always get some who think it doesn't apply to them!!!
Carol x

Chris said...

Gorgeous card, lovely in orange, the flowers are beautiful and I really like the embossed chipboard letters (don't look wonky at all!)
Tough to have such appalling neighbours at a time like this, bad enough at the best of times! Hope you don't get any more trouble from them.

Carol S. said...

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the horrible neighbours Chrissy. Glad to hear that the law dealt with them!!
Love your card and the beautiful flowers are gorgeous colours. The background die is one of my favourites' and use it a lot. Great design. Have a lovely weekend. Nearly forgot!! Every day is a weekend for you now!! LOL!!Big hugs, Carol

Lisa Lynn said...

Your card is just so gorgeous. Love all those flowers and great design. You have such problems with your neighbors isn't that how you inherited Holly??? You need a fence or a taser, lol. Stay safe.

aussie aNNie said...

Lovely mum card Chrissy, the flowers are absolutely beautiful.
I was just watching the news where some undesirable 'people' are spitting on people and onto fruit in the supermarkets.... what is in their head. Good on you calling the cops, you don't need that in your careful.xx

Janette said...

Oh no Chrissy so sorry about those horrid people, {for want of a better word} they are just horrid to do those sorts of things.
Your card is beautiful and I don't think the letters are wonky at all.. xx

Lorraine said...

A gorgeous card Chrissy, love the colours and the floral arrangement - so pretty.
Lorraine x

Sarah said...

This is gorgeous Chrissy, love your colour choice here. Some people just don't get it do they?! Rude and selfish, that's what they are!! It is no better over here. Essential journeys only by car to shop or to collect medication. We have villagers driving their cars, to our isolated lane, to park up and walk their dogs...infuruating!! Enjoy your flower sorting!! xx

Donna Ellis said...

How lovely, Chrissy, with beautiful colors, sparkle and fabulous design. Really gorgeous! I’m sorry you’re having such difficulty with mean-spirited people. Hope that ceases soon. Hugs, de

chrissy xx said...

GORgeous! Love the colouring of your letters.
LOving these flowers too.
Thank you for making my laugh! Thank you for getting me to do exercise lol with the head movement!! But, it still looks straight to me.
Stay save.

Brenda said...

Your card is beautiful, the flower arrangement is gorgeous. As for some people, I don't even know what to say. Keep yourself safe and straight away from them!

*Vicki* said...

Awe! So sorry to hear of your neighbor issues my friend and hope it subsides for you. Your card is absolutely gorgeous with the florals and the sparkles "mum" lettering!! I just love it my dear!!

Pia S said...

Beautifully feminine and lovely the vibrant vibe from the orange. Arranging flowers like this I find incredibly hard and I never get it quite right, but you’re an expert at it.