Friday, January 6, 2023


 Hello everyone,

Well, do I feel foolish, I'm in my craft room watching some garbage on the telly thinking how I dislike Saturday television and should get under the TV cabinet in lounge , switch the aerials over so I can watch Netflix, but the thought just lingered, and the difficulty of the situation just kept going on in my head then suddenly realized it was FRIDAY.,,YAY! Father Brown is on, then Doc Martin..Mid Summer Murders, The Bill, then a lay down on the couch, day sorted and now I'm happy..

What a big sigh of relief, bet you feel it with me... I will be organized for tomorrow..

For today I'm sharing some photos of what I have been up to and again a big sigh of relief..

Very long post, lots of photos but hope you enjoy..

It started with a new wood top on my cupborads..
My Son and his stepson bought it round and it fitted perfectly....but it was brown.

And it had holes in it, so I filled them with blue tack
then a coat od modelling paste to seal, lol..

Then I had to sand it, and coughed and rubbed my eyes and nearly blinded myself 
when I have enough trouble as it is..

But then it was painted..

six coats..

This was made for me by an ex-client's husband, this is actually half of it, it has just been split into two for my by my Son.

That extra bit was because the two halves were not the same size, long story, so my daughter in law made this for one of them to sit on so they same size..

And I painted it, not well, or even close to good, but it is painted..

This is a 3-tier cube on top of my desk, and I decided to empty it and paint the back..

So there's all my stuff out of the cubes..


Oh, that's right, I watch TV through the mirror when I'm om my PC..
I'm sitting there in my chair on the left and taken the photo through the mirror.

So instead of painting the back of this cube storage I glued papers on the panels, just
had to paint the trims to keep it nice..

And there it is, all dry..

Back to my ink storage and the back of it as it is going ti sit on my desk with my every day
 inks and sponges and things that I use regularly.. 

Looking okay but now I decided to add more papers to this storage so started cutting scrap papers into 4 x 5 panels to glue inside the cubicles.

But only three of the holes were 4 5 so had to cut all others one at a time as they were differen.t 

so that was painful and exasperating.

But eventually and a good movie later it was done...

Both of them.

I even had time to finish a project and get it ready to go to post shop for next months birthday gift..
wonder who that is for????

End of the second day, or was it the third, I don't know, it took time,

Not sure why i didn't zoom in, but there is one of the storage with oxide inks in it..
behind the fan, which is not there now..

The other on the end of my desk and very happy with it there..
Distress and dye inks, plus my everyday black inks.

Then Holly came in to give her opinion.

and approved..

and went back to doing what she does best..

And my little duck, keeping an eye out on things, my Christmas gift from my Grandson..

So, there we go, thank you so much for stopping by,
hope all is well, think I may get some crafting done tomorrow.

You just never know what the day will bring..

See you tomorrow..



Shirley-Anne said...

Crickey!! you have been busy .Just popped in to say Happy New year and to see what you are up to . Made my first blog for the new year hoping that I can keep it up . Love that little duck too .
warm wishes from Shirley-Anne

Pia S said...

Getting organized takes time, but it feels great once done. Things change, what you reach for the most often a year ago migtht be different now, so re-organization, I feel, needs to be done from time to time. Your room looks a great place to be creative:)

Margreet said...

Love to see your 'new' craftroom and just like Holly I approve!
You're such a funny girl. Love it! Wished we lived nearer to each other.
xxx Margreet

Janette said...

Oh my word Chrissy, what will you get up to next I wonder, but I have to say it all looks brilliant, not surprised Holly approved. Love the cute cubbies for the inks, I wish I had more room for stuff and your painted top looks fabulous. Now about that Duck, I was going to say how cute, I have one but he is stood with his brolly at his side and I just love them, it was bought for my garden but I just couldn't, so he stands on a shelf watcing what I get up to when I can get in the craft room, its far to cold out there right now...Happy crafting Chrissy.xx

crafty-stamper said...

Love all the reorganised and painted storage and also Holly approved -as for days I haven't known what day it is since before Christmaslol !!!
Carol x

chrissy xx said...

Wow! It's stunning Chrissy. Don't know how you've had the time or energy to take on such a mammoth task, but, the end product is certainly worth it.
Bet your a while figuring out just were everything is now.

*Vicki* said...

Wow, you have been doing some very heavy things in your craft room Chrissy!! It always feels so good when finished up just the way you want and now it looks all organized and nice! This is something that is for sure on my list of things to get done this year and re-organize my things, throw out what's not good so that I can feel organized like you! Thanks for sharing your peek into your crafty space my friend! Really enjoyed it and glad that Holly approved too! LOL

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow that looks fabulous great job you did, and I love that duck Chrissy

gr karin

Valerie-Jael said...

Brilliant transformation! Wow! Glad Holly approves! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Conniecrafter said...

Your room looks fantastic and a lot of room too, how wonderful, lovely light in it too, that is why they call it our happy place :)

pinky said...

Oh my goodness woman you are a work horse for sure. What a great make over you have given your room. Those units are excellent and love the added paper. The bench has come up beautifully and I now feel as exhausted as Holly lol.

Sarah said...

You've done a fabulous job Chrissy, watching TV in the mirror did make me smile!! Great viewing choices too xx

Paperesse said...

Thank you for sharing a glimpse inside your craft room! You did a fantastic job and I see it has Holly's seal of approval, too.

Brenda said...

Thanks for showing us your wonderful room. Everything looks amazing, especially sweet Holly.