Monday, December 4, 2023


 Hello everyone.

Finally made a tag for Tag Tuesday, missed it altogether last time..

but first, I did some clean up..

emptied all my trays and condensed the Christmas stuff into one.

My project trays sit up here in front of me..

I'm not showing off, but my desk does not look much different from when I'm making things or when I'm not, I'm a very tidy crafter, no mess around me and always a lot of space..

and this is how I store my card scraps now..
I bought these zipper folders and all my scraps and good card are all stored in these..

I can see the colours, the folders are labelled, and they sit in a bin behind me on the floor.
the others with the good stuff in are in book holder on a shelf behind me, easy access to it all..

So after that was done, I settled down and die cut this pig.

and some sheep and ducks...

That little sheep on the right is smiling, so cute..

These are not my normal ducks I use, they were a bit big for this tag..

made a cloudy day but with plenty of sun peeping out to keep everyone on the farm warm..

The sheep behind the fence, they have to be,
 you cannot have sheep running around all over the place.

Made a hole in the top and threaded string through.

and tied this big black and white gingham bow on the end..
and it was done..I had a great time..

Thank you so much for stopping by..
I'll see you tomorrow..


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Sunday, December 3, 2023


 Hello everyone,

I found this card sitting in my folders with TBW under it, which in my files, means, To Be Watermarked..

but, it has been, resized and water marked, so guess it need sharing..

I stenciled with texture paste this wall.. then drizzled watered down inks
right down the center of it, when it was dry of course.

I drizzled and dried until I reach the soft colour and splotchiness I needed..

Then added some foliage in soft grey..
 I feel I've shared this before???

Okay, so leaves are there..

and now the blues are coming through..the lighting has changed, isn't that the way,

 a simple sentiment in silver.

Love this die set, mentioned that before, I remember.

a very simple thin silver cord ribbon for a bow..

added some snowflakes and... done..

Thank you so much for stopping by and I really hope I didn't repeat myself with this post..


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Saturday, December 2, 2023


 Hello everyone,

Well, we reach 30, not counting the DT bits and bobs which were Christmas, and not counting all the overseas ones I made and sent out, and not counting the tags and cards with boxes for family and friends..

I've been soooo busy but having a wonderful time...

These flowers [ poinsettias] were what I made two or three weeks ago and just been sitting in my containers waiting their turn..the frames are paper and called European frames.
I just glued a couple together to add some thickness, but they not too thin to start with..

Now, I needed a background, my papers in my stash are pretty loud 
and I wanted something soft and less noisy..
So using some distress oxides I smooshed and splattered and dried well in between.

I'm not a lover of cellophane smooshing but my brain had gone to sleep and forgot I had a glass mat to smoosh on..

so, things went blotchy more that patchy, but it was okay and subtle.

and went with it..

I added my frame after stamping a sentiment that fitted inside just right..
 and some silver foliage..

then the white poinsettias went on...

and I just had to put pinecones in the gaps..

which blew the postage out of the water..

Just needed a final touch of small pine branches and some white and clear gems.

a few silver snowflakes here and there and I sat back and said, done!

So, there we go, thank you so much for stopping by..
I'll see you tomorrow or the next day, 
my son is here with me and we doing some more garden work over the weekend..
well, he is, I'll supervise and watch his eyes roll, ha ha ha...


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Friday, December 1, 2023


 Hello everyone,

We are up to Christmas cards # 29 and one to go...

This time I have a shaker, and a bird, and red, and green..

The frames I had made for the last few cards, never really were the right size for the cards.

 I should have used the smaller dies, but I'm greedy and wanted lots
of space to fill and shake, but have learned my lesson and won't
do that again, as it makes all the cards look the same and not quite balanced.

First background behind frame, plaid....nope

Never mind, waste not want not, I carried on and using leftover papers
for behind the frame...nope.

Even tried a see through..


Finally settled with the txt paper and embossed the green panel..

The best Christmas sentiment die white.

and my favourite little bird die...
easy to put together and nothing so small I need a magnifying glass to find the bits.
Then nestled him among the branches and berries and a little bit of holly..

And all done..

This one shakes really loud and well.

S,o there you go, one left for tomorrow.

Thank you so much for stopping by,
I'll see you tomorrow..


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Thursday, November 30, 2023


 Hello everyone,

Who is your favourite person to make a Christmas card or project for..that is our theme over at..

                                                       As You Like It

Well, I guess mine is no surprise.. Hadley of course..

and as always loads of die cutting...hats, scarves, noses, buttons, 
and twigs for arms, all lead up to Snowmen..

and had to make my own carrot nose's..not hard to do.

Then I had six of them..

I even punched out pink cheeks..

die cut trees, trees, and more trees..

then splattered them all with white ink..

the card base..

The usual when it comes to children's cards for me.

So here we time!!

I added the pale blue panel then daubed with a sponge dauber, the sky.

Then added a snow mound..

added the trees and, they do look like they floating, I underestimated
the height, but quick fix..

 I added a snowbank on the outside..

I decorated the inside too with trees and snowmen and sign post..

LOTV stamp, love them..

Simple one on the outside..

With three more snowmen...

added snowflakes, nail art, to the trees and sky..

on the inside too...

and then it was done...

Our sponsor this fortnight..

Fabulous Lee Holland with 2 Digi's

is where you can come and join us with your project,
hope to see you there..

Thank you so much for stopping by, been a busy day..


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