Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve photos

Hello Everyone,

Well, it is Christmas Eve morning for me, and have a few things to to see 'My Lady' this morning and sort her day out, then back into my the kitchen for few hours of prep for tomorrow.

The Ham is spectacular this year..mmm...and have got 30 or so chicken on sticks to make..yay!
As we are in summer,[not that you would think so today] we are leaning towards a BBQ...but with a bit of posh stuff on the side....prawns being my favourite, and I made sure there were plenty.

The fish pie I'm making is mainly for my son and one of his daughters, they dont like meat!!!
so I dont want them to eat just a bun with some salad...thats the reason behind that.

I tottered off last night before it got real dark to take pics of the house with all the mant people, and not being quite dark enough, these are the best I came up with.

I would have waited till it was very dark, they would have looked so much better, but I'm night blind, so had to get back home before darkness took over.

The young man who owns this property has had a different and hard life, but has proved that anything can happen.

When he was 17 years old, he lied to his parents about going to the movies with some friends...instead they went joy of the boys in  the back seat got snippy and wanted the change seats with [Mark] they did...and coming down the back hills, the driver lost control, and the car went over the edge of the bank....the driver died, the front passenger was decapitaed, and the boys in the back were seriously injured and Mark was left a quadraplegic.[not sure if thats how you spell it]..and as no one knew where they were... they were alone down the bottom of the gully for about 14 hours....

So if there are teens reading this...dont fib!!!!

Years of therapy, he is now in his 30's and has many businesses...lights are one of them, and have become very popular, and this is his over the top, but gorgeous show home.

So there you are, no card today, but hope you enjoyed the photos.

Had better get cracking, lots to do...



Catherine said...

Wow! Amazing lights and such a sad story.... hope you have a great Christmas.....

Vicky said...

Wow Chrissy those lights are gorgeous very pretty and fabulous colours too :o)

OMW...What a sad story too..those poor children. I know how easily things can go wrong so very quickly working in a hospital, but so pleased the young man pulled thro' and made a life for himself...

have a lovely day sweetie...and wow a BBQ on christmas sounds lovely...!

big hugs Vicky xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow what fabulous lights... a tragic story - but the young man has done really well , and turned his life around.
Have a wonderful Christmas Chrissy - will be thinking about you
Lisa x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Wow those lights look tremendous Chrissy. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family Chrissie, enjoy your barbecue, and all the best for 2012 xx

Mina said...

wow he has done so well through adversity Chrissy, I olove to hear stories of people streaking ahead by their own efforts...your photos are fabulous
Mina xxx

Heather said...

Oh Chrissy - what a spectacular show!!!!
Such a tragic story, so sad but such a very salutary story.

Have a Merry Christmas and have loads of love, joy and laughter !!
hugs Heather xx

pinky said...

Christmas on the barbecue, lucky duck. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with the family Chrissy and eat far too much bad food lol. I have a vegetarian here too so she will have a bit of salmon. Thats an amazing story, poor bloke but as you say he must be made of good stuff. Loving the pics of the lights. Big hugs

heidy said...

Wow fab pictures Chrissy!
Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas hun!
XXX Heidy

Janette said...

Great pics Chrissy, thanks for sharing with us, such a sad story, glad he made a go of life....have a great time hun, for me it is now 10.30 am and I am just getting everything started, the Turkey will go in first, then the Beef and the ham needs boiling...oh it's going to be a long

Debbie (Little Gingham Bear) said...

Fantastic lights and what a story behind them - wishing you and yours a very merry xmas and a happy new year xx