Thursday, November 7, 2019


Hello everyone...

Something I would like a lot more of lately, is in my title, and on my journal page..

This started out as a disaster...

But after a lot of perseverance, stencils, gold and white paint and a few choice words I ended up with this...

I then cut up strips of coloured card and made a couple of lines top and bottom using a gold gel pen.. [a  new one and it is lovely..Sanford uin-ball]

To make some books...and used die cut words to label the books..

Added a coffee pot and cup with saucer and a pocket watch...

I used these chunky big stickers for my title..

A close up of the Tattered Lace cup and saucer and coffee pot..

And there is my journal page all done...

Hope you are all well and happy and thank you so much for stopping is getting very hot here and I am not a lover of the heat AT ALL..never mind, I'm on the countdown to retiring..4 months, 3weeks and I'm going to be a full time crafter..and Netflix watcher and a youtube addict and a professional eater of what ever I want..including chocolate...until my gall bladder tells me otherwise..

See you..



aussie aNNie said...

This is fabulous, love the gorgeous card and how it turned out...oh and colours x

Lisa Lynn said...

Chrissy that is awesome. That is so creative! OMG I can't believe that you are going to retire!!! That's great for you and I will just be drooling at all of your wonderful work wishing that I could retire...which I think will be when I am dead. lol.

Janette said...

Oh my Chrissy this is such a star of a creation, amazing and now I want to make one, that is fabulous, will have to try it out and get that pen, my gold isn't so great. Have a lovely day

Chris said...

Coffee, books and time...a perfect combination and a recipe for happiness! Love what you did here Chrissy, you didn't give up and ended up with this fabulous page.
Bet you are counting the days...I love being retired although it is amazing how fast the time passes! I really have no idea how I ever had time to go to work!

crafty-stamper said...

Brilliant page Chrissy love the result -love the gold and stencilling too-I have had a few choice words this morning too and just been for chocolate and guiness so tonight sorted!!!Oooh not long to go and glad to see you have your priorities sorted lol
Carol x

jimlynn said...

Fabulous PLUS!! Oh, I love this Chrissy!! SO pretty. It came out just perfect.

KarinsArtScrap said...

o thats great Chrissy looks beautiful
Gr Karin

Gwyneth said...

This must be one of the best pages I've ever seen. The books look fantastic.

pinky said...

Love the making of this page Chrissy. I am very impressed!! Hope you enjoy your evening. Get that old gall bladder out you will last much longer lol.

Martina said...

Wow, it is perfect, Chrissy. I admire it.

Sarah said...

I have no words!! You should be so proud of this Chrissy it is incredible and what you will undoubtedly be enjoying when you retire xx

Wendy said...

Oh wow this is absolutely fabulous, gorgeous design.
Wendy xx

*Vicki* said...

There is SOOOO much to look at on this page my friend!! I absolutely LOVE all of the details that you've put into it!! It looks so stunning! You've really inspired me to pull out my AJ and get it going!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Pop's Cards said...

this looks amazing i love what you have done here, hugs Pops x

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