Monday, June 26, 2023


 Hello everyone,

Wow, what a wet and wild time we have been having here is sunny Hawkes Bay NZ..rain and wind and rivers rising again, roads closed, what the heck!..

This was our days over the weekend..

Rained out the back, and rained out the front, nothing to do but curl up on a blanket and sleep..
and aske over and over, "When's Dean coming back "..
Look at that face..

At least it gave me time to clean up my die cut folders..
I had too many in separate sheets taking up room, so new folders and magnet sheets and re designed..
I tried out dies I've had for a very long time, if they didn't make the cut, they were gone..

Harsh, I know, but things had to change..

I was asked also to make a simple project for my daughter for her store, well, not her store, the store she manages, The Baby Factory..
She has games for her girls to give them a bit of incentive when things are slow and boring, 
and I was asked to help, which I did by taking over and doing it all..

I made a river, with lily pads, frogs and flowers and little logs, do your " target", and you move up the river, every flower you land on, you get a prize, and the winner gets a big prize..

Something like that!

So here it is finished and ready to go to both HB stores..

Lots of DT stuff done too, but of course I cannot show that yet..

So, nothing cooking this weekend, Dean will be back on Thursday and apparently meatballs are 
the project in the kitchen next weekend....lots and lots of meatballs.

Monday afternoon here while typing this post up, it is sunny, sort of, today, but more rain coming..

Thank you so much for stopping by,
I'll see you tomorrow with lots of gold..



Margreet said...

Lovely project for your daughter's stores.
xxx Margreet

Janette said...

Great idea for your daughters store, love how you designed that Chrissy.
The look on Hollys face says it all, sweet girl.
My craft space has been so messed up over the weekend, its all Mia' fault too, she needed something to put her big telly on in her bedroom at home, so big gob here says oh my set of drawers would be perfect, ask me what I was doing yesterday while the sweat dripped off me, I now have no unit and alot of boxes . So today I need new storage that will be useful and yet fit in a tiny space, don't anyone mention the Tardis please :)) Oh well, happy

Chris said...

What a great idea Chrissy- a fun way to bring out the competitive side of the girls- and it looks lovely too!
Hope the weather improves soon- these days it seems to be all or nothing- no rain or too much of it! Holly does look a bit wistful pining for her new love!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the project you made. Your cat has a very eloquent face! And the pic of her sleeping is precious! Clearing up is hard, I keep trying to get some stuff oganized, too! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

*Vicki* said...

What a very cute and clever idea for the store! Looks like a fun game for kids! Poor Heidi missing her friend! Looking forward to your upcoming projects!

jimlynn said...

Nothing better to do on a rainy day other than organize and organize some more! Cute idea for your daughters store too. Stay safe and hope you don't have any really bad weather.

KarinsArtScrap said...

this is lovely great idea Chrissy

gr karin

Conniecrafter said...

The flooding is just the worse isn't it, we have that problem here when we get rain heavy and fast.
Nice to have games to keep them occupied, so nice of you to help her out with that.