Tuesday, March 26, 2024


 Hello everyone, 

Gosh, I've been a busy bee as Autumn is running not crawling into my side of the world and I had outside work to do which is now done so back into my room where I accidently made a moth, but then made it deliberate..and it all started while I was making backgrounds..

scraps of paper and some I wish now that I didn't rip up as they have been perfect for what I'm working on now..

but rip them up I did, and then glued them all together onto a piece of card stock..


and this one...

then I dribbled ink all down it..

moved it around a bit and loads of water...

Spray and water...

both sheets copped it.. no one was safe from my inks..

then I had these two sheets to work

I had a go at under the sea colours..

plenty of inks and paint as they react so differently,
 sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

When completely dry, I added some bubbles, my first attempt at that..

After a few more hours of playing I had all these backgrounds...

Then this happened...

all this ink and some paint was leftover on my mat
 and to dispose of it, I pressed paper down on it then folded the paper in half..
Not thinking at all..

The I opened it and the first thing I saw was a moth..

with paint and the open end of my dauber, I dipped and..

stamped circles on it...

Then crudely made a body and antennas. 

some smaller dots inside the bigger ones..

a bit of white here and there and I had a moth!..

what a great day..

My finished page..
Big tile stickers for sentiment..

Thank you so much for stopping by..
I'll see you tomorrow..



Janette said...

A happy accident Chrissy, looks great. xx

Chris said...

You're so brave to rip up all those papers and spray ink on them but the results speak for themselves, gorgeous and unique background panels. Your moth looks great too- I used to do something like this when working with kids- coloured paint splodged onto one side of a sheet of paper, fold it in half and (hopefully) a butterfly! If it looked nothing remotely like one we'd cut it into a butterfly shape- lots of messy fun!

coldwaters2 said...

I always struggle for words when I visit you Chrissy you are so outside the box I am so dumbstruck when I see the things you get up to I can't wait to see what those backgrounds are used for as for the Moth well that was surely meant to be I love how you added the circles and body as well as those tiles super works of art you clever lady
lolo x

Sarah said...

I love your posts Chrissy, when I've had a long and stressful day at work you are a real tonic and this post had me giggling!! Your moth is fantastic xx

crafty-stamper said...

Great backgrounds and love the moth intentional or not lol.
Carol x

KarinsArtScrap said...

great backgrounds karin

Margreet said...

Love your playing with papers and ink and that moth is just FAB
xxx Margreet

Conniecrafter said...

The backgrounds are so cool, the one reminded me of a Meme my niece sent me that said there is nothing more fun then tearing up pieces of paper and gluing it back together :) How fun that the moth just came together like that, fun details you added to it, now you have me thinking I need to look at my backgrounds a little closer :)