Thursday, January 20, 2022


 Hello everyone,

A new challenge over at AS YOU LIKE IT and them theme this fortnight is Your Favorite Colouring Medium..and why!..

For me, one hundred per cent, is water colouring, and as I'm writing this post I want to go get my paints out and paint, so guess my day is set now, as this will not go away..

I love the easy flow of the water paints on water colour card stock. I love how easy flowers are to colour, never perfect and not mean't to be..and so relaxing..

In fact, so relaxing I made 3 sets of 3..

I started by stamping my backgrounds for my cards..

A nice soft crackle stamp..

Then added my die cut and painted flowers..
I know I use these flowers a lot but they are really nice..

Hard to get a good water colour red, but these came our pretty good...

I love the green in the leaves too..

A nice simple and pretty thank you card with yellow enamel dots.

Two sets..

Ready for pink ones..

These leaves are all different...

Why?...because they are....leftovers from other projects./

But they work, the flowers are water coloured,
 some of the leaves are and some are not..

But they look nice together..

added Bee's and wooden hearts to these Birthday cards...

so there we go, 3 sets of 3 and pictures in funny order..

I just couldn't see properly when putting them into folder
so they got out of order..

Never mind, post done, and would be great if you joined in with you fave colouring medium
and don't forget to tell us why?

Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you tomorrow..


Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 Hello everyone,

Time for a new challenge over at LITTLE RED WAGON and our hostess this week is the lovely Brenda and her theme is - Make it Open - .. gatefold, easel, tri fold, box card,cascade card,shutter card, anything that opens up more than once..

I made this sweet little Christmas card..

And it starts to open the normal way..
and as I inserted accetate inside the circle...

You can see the next layer inside, which also was covered with accetate..

Right through to the back...

And there we have an open tri fold card, which closes with no problems..
{ As I measured this time, hee hee..]

My little helper dropped in for a desk visit with evil intentions today, she had caught a bird and I told her to take it outside and she got huffy...RIP birdie.

And the vege shop got my onion bags back, yay, more netting for my nauticals..

So there we go..come on over and join us HERE with your MAKE IT OPEN cards..

Thank you so much for stopping by..


Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 Hello everyone,

When I have a die cutting day [ which I really love to have]..I certainly cut a lot..

These are more of the Altenew Mini Flower Cluster layering set..

You have 4 layers, 5 if you count the center, and why not, 5 layers to make each set of 4 flowers..

Mix and match the colours and sometimes I don't use the last layer, depends on my mood and how much of the previous colour I want showing..

The tiny center I do in black, brown or gold, and they bring the flowers to life,
 I don't even glue them on in the perfect position,I  just plonk them on..

And on this day I made wreath...

A little bit dimensional but not too bad...

A simple Happy birthday and a gold butterfly...

And done..

So there we go, all the flowers are being used up gradually, I mix them with other flowers and use them to fill in gaps, which I shared once before..BUT, I love making them so much I filled my tray again, so have more to use, ha ha ha..

Thank you so much for stopping by and
I will see you tomorrow..


Sunday, January 16, 2022


 Hello everyone,

Back to share an Anniversary card and matching box with the request of gray and pink..

Yes, I could have made the flowers pink...

But my brain was saying gray..

Made the flowers and die cut tiny brown leaves!!!..browns leaves, where is the green?

Made the box, in white, added pink strips of card stock to top and sides, then black and white striped paper..

Started the card..

Box done..

I don't know!!..
added wooden hearts painted white..congratulations die..

Dimensional..the added cream/white flowers are from WOCraft's.

The leaves were actually made by me using alcohol ink smooshing and air blowing and in my tray..
just not die I die cut.

A side view..the Congratulations was adhered to vellum, not sure why!
just makes it a bit softer I think..

And here is the card and box, which was loved by the purchaser and recipients..
It was their colours from their wedding..
the pink is a little more pink than showing here, it looks peachy.

So there you go..
Thank you so much for stopping by..
Sunday morning here and I had an awesome sleep in, but feel a bit dozy as if I haven't had enough sleep..

See you tomorrow..


Saturday, January 15, 2022


 Hello everyone,

I make stuff everyday, it may sentiments, die cuts, flowers or leaves, water colouring papers and just stuff, love it...

I also buy lots of dies, I'm an addict..ha ha ha..and make cards put into a folder and they sit until I have time to share..

This is one of those times to share...

I've probably shared these flower dies before and I love them so much...fiddly, but fun and the colour combos are endless...

I make lots of them and pop them into a tray for later always have leftovers laying in the tray..

I add leaves from a different set, cause I like them better..
Then I made cards...slimline this slimline are 4"x 81/2"

Pink and yellow....

Yellow and orange....

Pale blue and darker blue...

embossed background panel..

Same here...used slimline frames from pretty pink posh
 and off set them a bit..

yellow and red, added buds from another set..
and in your face green..

Then I made with the leftovers some smaller cards..41/4 x 51/2

The white trellis is a full size slimline die, 
cut in half and the end glued back to make it square..ish.

Had enough for two and added the flowers...

The yellow buds are Tim Holtz dies...the flowers are Altenew and so are the leaves,  different sets though..

Added pink buds here with the yellow...

Not too dimensional...and layered up the birthday word by cutting it out 3 times
 and gluing together..

Very happy with these ones...

Sort of same design but different sentiment..

So there we go, I remembered how I did these on the day after all this cool.
Thank you so much for stopping by..I'll see you tomorrow..


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