Monday, February 20, 2023


 Hello everyone,

I'm safe, warm and dry and thank you so much to the ones who knew about all this and the love and prayers, so very grateful. Here are our days in pictures..

Thats all for now..I was no where near this, my street didn't even flood really..
My family and I are dry, safe and happy and moving on..
We have power restored very cleverly by Unison, they are brilliant what they have done..

Then we have the happy pic's of the wonderful community..

Out saving the animals..

We will come back..



KarinsArtScrap said...

glad you are safe Chrissy

gr karin

chrissy xx said...

Oh My! Such devastating photos Chrissy. It's heartbreaking for everyone.
It really does go to show how people rally round at times like this.
No words can really help to say what I feel for you all.
Just take care.

Janette said...

Its so good to know you and yours are safe Chrissy, this is just awful for all concerned, but it does bring out the good in people too. I hope your beautiful country will soon be back on track, take care, stay safe and hopefully get back to creating soon. Thankyou for sharing your

Chris said...

So glad you are safe and well Chrissy, it must have been a terrifying experience. The photos of the devastation are awful but how uplifting to see the lovely pics of how the community are helping each other and the animals.
Take care, sending hugs xx

aussie aNNie said...

Thank God you are safe and the pics are devastating.. it was sooo lovely hearing your voice today and you are a really character with a great sence of humor and love ... xxx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

So happy to hear you practically escaped the devastation Chrissy. I've been seeing it on YouTube and the News. Such awful scenes. With Community pulling together, making a little better for you all.
Faith x

jimlynn said...

Oh My Goodness!!! How awful for so many people - but how wonderful for the community coming together like they've done. I'm so glad you're ok, safe, and warm too! Thinking of you.

Donna Ellis said...

Thanks for sharing, Chrissy. Living in Florida, I can fully empathize with those who are experiencing such devastation. Thank you, though, for sharing photos I had not seen before. My heart broke for the poor cow stuck in mud, and yet, so gladdened to see the rescuers carefully helping her. While I always feel deep in the heart for anyone who sustains catastrophic hardship, my feel even more so for the critters and wildlife who find themselves traumatized.
Thanks for sharing the "happy" photos as well. But especially, I am grateful to know that you and yours are safe. After every hurricane, severe thunderstorm, or tornado, we always feel so grateful.
Sending good thoughts,

Pia S said...

Gosh... glad you’re safe. I was complaining this morning to hubby that we’ve received snow again, after loosing most of it. Personally, I only enjoy snow to get into the right Christmas spirit. But seeing these photos..., it puts things in perspective. I shouldn’t complain about snow.

Valerie-Jael said...

It looks so scary!So glad you were well and safe. Thank God for all of those people who helped others, rescued animals, made sure others had enough food, etc. Hugs, valerie

Conniecrafter said...

Oh my I had not heard of any of this, so glad you checked in to let us know what is going on, so thankful you were not effected by it all, and looks like the community is coming together, so wonderful to see.
Prayers for you all as you get back to normal.

crafty-stamper said...

Oh my word terrible devastation and will take a while to recover,but glad to see you and your family are safe,my DIL has a sister near the edge of the floods too but all safe.Lovely to see people rally round to help each other and the animals when needed.
Carol x

pam said...

So happy you are safe Chrissy, Thank God for all of those people who helped others, rescued animals, made sure others had enough food, etc..
Big hugs Pam x

Kate said...

Oh goodness!! I'm SO incredibly thankful that you are okay. I've heard about the devastation on the news. Your pictures are heartbreaking for all those who've been horribly affected. And those poor animals! I do hope they will soon be reunited with their two-leggeds.

*Vicki* said...

Wow, what a terrible devastation Chrissy! I'm so sorry to hear about this, but am thankful that you're safe my friend! Glad that you've gotten your power restored as well as sometimes that can take a while to repair too! It's wonderful to see people coming together and helping each other out through this. Hoping that the community can pull through continuing working together to rebuild. Sending hugs and prayers

Margreet said...

These photos are really devastating, Chrissy. It really is a drama for those concerned.
Glad when I heard you were OK.
xxx Margreet

Shirley-Anne said...

Hi ChrissyThank you for sharing both sets of photos .I am grateful to know that you and yours were safe .Thanks to all the rescuers and the volunteers as well as to those who donated food and essentials a huge thank you . I too hope that lost and rescued animals are reunited with owners.

pinky said...

After the rain comes sunshine Chrissy. It's devastating to look at those photos but what a great community you live in. Definitely worthy of a little keepsake album!

Brenda said...

I am so sorry to have heard about this so late (I donʻt check FB messenger anymore since being hacked). We usually get news from New Zealand especially if it is big news like this, but I hadnʻt heard a thing (except news about some earthquakes). Iʻm so thankful you are OK and that the power returned so quickly. It seems a miracle with all the devastation your pics show. It is amazing how the human spirit can overcome. Again, so glad you and Holly are OK.