Monday, June 19, 2023


 Hello everyone..

I had a real busy weekend this time..

The boy [man] came back for his three days off from work, one girl was very happy..

We went meat shopping and Mum set to in the kitchen..
first up was Honey soy meatballs,,mmm  sweet and sticky, this was batch one I did 4 ..

and sausages with onion gravy, some with vegs some without..
The Co. he works for gives the workers free accommodation and all they need to do is their food, they are flown home to their respective towns for their 3 days off, and to save eating junk food every day, I cook. [for Dean, not so much the others]

when that was done, I switched a few things around in my craft room.

A new TV...and all these little pots of gems and tiny things, were in that basket and I moved them onto my street find from a long time ago, and really thrilled how it turned out, now I can see all my bits.

Started to do a project and look who dropped in..
well, that was put on hold for a day or so..

But when she left, I finished off this project I was working on..

I have backgrounds in a container and die cuts everywhere, from fresh cut to left overs..
This background was modelling paste with a bit of blue ink in it and smeared quite smoothly, why?...I have no idea.

On went my lace and that was as far as I got for months, it was in a box/container "to finish"..

This weekend, the leftover box was opened up and on went all my bits..

The leaves don't match but they are fine, the flowers are a single cut, no layers..
the Bee and phone were made up but not used..
So at least I accomplished something..

And to make my day, I won a top 5 spot..

So there we go,
 The boy has left, flew out 5pm last night and the house is back to normal, he is no bother now, he tidy's up and puts the vacuum through and his mattress back out in the shed..

Thank you so much for stopping by..

I'll see you tomorrow..



Janette said...

Oh my Chrissy that was some weekend, beats the heck out of being alone though and nice to see our 'kids'...and Holly looked delighted..haha the food looked yummy, who doesn't love anything with onion gravy, yumyum...
Love the shelves in your craft space and the big telly too, the new card is gorgeous and well done on the top spot, fabulous card.
Hope your having a nice evening now, take care.xx

Margreet said...

Great story and photos about your weekend, Chrissy.
Lovely card with the lace and the flowers.
Congrats on your Top spot.
xxx Margreet

Valerie-Jael said...

Congrats on the Top 5 spot! Your kitty is so gorgeous! And those meat balls look wonderful! Hugs, Valerie

Brenda said...

Congrats on your win, definitely deserved. This card is gorgeous, I love seeing your creative process. Sounds like your weekend was busy one.

*Vicki* said...

Sounds like a weekend full of family and food and fun!! LOL It always seems nice to tidy up the room once in a while and something I should do for myself more often than not! Your card looks amazing with the flowers and lace! Congrats on your win too my friend!

Conniecrafter said...

That is so sweet that you cook for him, I bet her really appreciates it.
I need to do some major reorganizing in my room.
I love your lace background to your lovely layered flowers, the phone is a neat touch and who doesn't love a bee with flowers :)

pinky said...

Oh that boy is well spoilt Chrissy. The food looked delicious though and to be honest I would do them same for my own kids. Not sure if it would be as tasty though lol. I love your card and you've reminded me I have some lace I should use up! Well deserved top 5 for sure!!!