Saturday, December 30, 2023


 Hello everyone,

What day is it?..what is happening?...have I missed anything?..where am I ?....ha ha ha, the list goes on and the confusion is real, but not just for me, my friends are the same and we just laugh and laugh..everything will sort itself out, don't panic when you think it is DT time and you forgot, and then realise you are on a break....roll on 2024, I need to wake up and be in my own unconfused time space.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, I had a little play, when I made the wood baubles,  I played with my last wood slice too..

Gessoed this baby up..and using a sponge dauber one the edges, 
gives a nice textured look on the bark..

When dry, I added a sentiment, with a block!!..
only one try, so be sure and careful..

Nailed it!..

added some pine leaves and simple..

and finally a few berries to bring in some colour..

Message to my friend.... [ I know Beryl, berries don't come on pine leaves!!..]

So that is done and I loved it..
next time going to get some holes drilled in the top..just have to buy some more..

and now sharing my cards I received and thank you all so much...

I'm blessed..

and this beautiful girl has 34 flower heads on it, and I picked it from my chicken feeding place and bought it home, popped it in a vase and gorgeous perfume  is going right up the hall into my craftroom and bedroom and it is strong and beautiful..

So, there we go, thank you so much for stopping by..



crafty-stamper said...

Yesterday I went into the kitchen when I meant to go up the stairs!!! A FB friend also posted her hubby was at the store so she rang him then completely forgot why lol :) Love all your cards and beautiful flower stem.Love the decorated wood slice and if you want berries on your pine leaves-why not lol.I have a pack of these wood slices and only used one last year but they have holes already drilled in them.
Carol x

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely mAKE; AS ALWAYS: Happy New Year 2024 to ou and yours, stay healthy and funny and creative! Hugs, Valerie

KarinsArtScrap said...

looks great Chrissy and a fantastic new year and beginning of karin

Janette said...

We are all in the same boat, no one knows what, where or when it is, hahaha, makes for a change though hahaha.
Love the wood slice and I would always add berries because I can, your cards look lovely, must confess I can't see mine which is worrying, I hope it arrived..xx

Janette said...

Ignore about the card I see it...what a nut...hahah. xxx

chrissy xx said...

Hope you had a great time this holidays! I'm just waking up again from such a delightful time.. A new baby boy to add to our little family early December. Daughter and SIL went home yesterday. So my craft room door is open again.
FABulous idea you've had once again Chrissy. LOve them. Can't get over the amount of flowers you have on this stem!! Truly amazing.
Happy New Year to you too.

*Vicki* said...

I love your wood piece! I have too many of them and not sure what to do, but this will be a project I can work on for next year's Christmas! LOL I absolutely love that beautiful sentiment and your bine bough works lovely with it too! I sent you a card, but you've probably not received it yet...sorry that it's late, but hope it comes soon! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration this year my friend! Best wishes!

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Chrissy love your decorated wooden piece I have seen these about I must treat myself yours looks simple yet very stylish, I know the feeling of 'what day' is it very well I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year
lorraine x

Margreet said...

Love how you decorated that wood piece. Great that you could stamp on it.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year and we meet again in blogland in 2024!
xxx Margreet

Chris said...

Sometimes I don't know what year it is let alone which day! It happens!
The wood slice is beautiful...and you stamped that 'one chance' sentiment perfectly, I know I would have bodged it up.
What a lot of lovely cards you received and your flowering stem is amazing.
Happy New Year Chrissy.

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Catching up on your work Chrissie, everything is just wonderful, how you come up with all your ideas is beyond me, but you fly through and come up trumps each time. Your lily is gorgeous, I just about managed 9 flowers on ours this last year, doubt it would get to your 34, amazing. I love these little bits of wood to wonderfully dressed.
Wishing you Health and Happiness for 2024.
Faith x

pinky said...

Don't even go there Chrissy, it's like the blind leading the blind over here. No one has a clue what day, what time or why they are where they are lol. We are doomed!! I love your gorgeous decorated wood slices!! You certainly did well with the gorgeous cards you received Chrissy. It's always extra special to receive a hand made one for sure. Wow I have never seen so many flowers heads on one stalk before! I hope they last a long time for you. Happy New Year to you and the family!!

Conniecrafter said...

that is just gorgeous, it would make a lovely ornament or with a magnet on the back it would be great for a magnet, to dress up your kitchen!