Sunday, June 23, 2024


 Hello everyone,

Sunday morning here while writing this, cold and raining, but I don't care, I'm happy in my PJ's in my craft room doing what I love..

Today I'm sharing a project I made for myself, it was an idea I had in my head and decided to act on it, I like it a lot, and look through it occasionally..

I'm also so sorry for how many photos there are, I will try to whittle it down at the moment there are 36..

This is the folder I started with, it is from my soon to be daughter in law who has just put in a new kitchen and this was the folder all her details were in in...another challenge from her..

The inside had these pockets already there..

I had in my mind where I was going and that was, to make a director's folder,
I wanted to make a film makers folder.

My TH typewriter die and ready for layering

and view finder films ready..

I needed staff ID cards..

So made five of them..

Sage green ink smeared across white business cards, stamping
and free vintage pictures of people off the net..


Then moved on to making the inside tidier and covered the inside
with these papers.

All my black pages eae from the very old photo album I found in my cupboard..
I made pockets on them, and pockets on pockets..

Die cut gold stars and added faces..and so many other details which will show in my final pages coming up right now!!..

The cover..
The film reels were off the net and fussy cut..

inside front cover..the script..all my papers were coffee and tea dyed..

Musical scores and advertising...


Staff Identification cards..

out of the pockets..

Reading lists   ( Temu )

Handwrote names etc, and stamped..

Tickets ( Temu )

With some names we know and love..

Film strip dies and pictures I made..that was fun, have done it before just not so many..

and the viewfinder reels..

Hollywood or bust stars..

and indemnification cards for extras in movies..

All from my imagination, made up names and addresses.

Posters and film strips,
 the film strips are real, I found them from 1984 in my box of photos/

Accounts file..sheets of bills from ( Temu)

and the telegrams were from the day I was born, sent to my parents, now thy have somewhere to live and not a plastic bag!!

more film strips ( Real ) and die cuts..

Nearly there..actors and actresses ( not real) with ID numbers..

and last inside page are the actors contracts, off the net..

 Back to the front..

Thank you so much for stopping by,
I hope it was not long or boring, but it was so much fun to make
and I loved very minute of it..

I'll see you tomorrow..



Margreet said...

Wow, amazing Chrissy. It really was long, but not boring at all. I loved to see the making of and your imagination is endless. Great to use the telegrams your parents received for your birth (1947 is a good year (Joop was also born then)). LOL
Here we have our first summer day (too hot for me).
Have a great Sunday!
xxx Margreet

Janette said...

Chrissy it is far from boring, my gosh this is fabulous, what a stunning project and packed with so many interesting things, you clever lady, its amazing. xx

Chris said...

Oh Chrissy- NEVER boring!!! What a fantastic imagination you have, and so lucky to have the creativity and talent to bring it all to life...this is amazing, it must have taken hours and hours to put together but what a result!

crafty-stamper said...

WOW this is absolutely amazing,love the theme and all the pages with so much information,pics,tickets and embellishments-so much thought gone into this project-what more can I say but amazing!!!!!!!!!!
Carol x

Sarah said...

...and I've loved every minute reading this fantastic post. What a magnificent make Chrissy, absolutely magnificent. You really have an imagination like on-one else I know, you are so creative xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Chrissy, I am really gobsmacked! How ever did you get all that together to make such a fabulous folder? Wow! You are really a crafting wonder! Hugs, Valerie

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow fantastic and what great design looks amazing and gorgeous karin

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

So imaginative and fabulous Chrissy, I’ve said it to you many times, I wish I had just a tiny bit of your creativity. Glad you enjoyed yourself. x

Shirley-Anne said...

Great read. Worth the visit .thanks for sharing your amazing talent

Aimeslee Winans said...

Well my goodness, this college theatre arts director's daughter says Brava! I'm just amazed that you knew so many categories of things that pertain to the movie star professional life or used to. Were you once a movie star? Wish my dad were still alive, I would definitely show this to him. XOX

*Vicki* said...

There are so many fun elements to this Chrissy! I love that you're using some old items you've found and how you incorporate it into something completely different! You're so creative and I'd like to take a pinch of that from your brain if you don't mind? LOL Thank you for sharing your projects my friend!

Brenda said...

WOW! This is absolutely amazing. Love all the different types of elements you brought together in one fabulous project. I love that you are so generous with sharing your process and that you are warm and cozy in your happy place!

Conniecrafter said...

You have a great imagination for putting this all together, love your idea of the business cards or identification cards, like the use of the film strips and the viewfinder reels. Neat goodies from Temu too. Very cool project!

coldwaters2 said...

Well Chrissy my mind is absolutely blown, I have spent time looking at your pictures and as always I am in awe of how your mind works to be able to come up with something as spectacular as this work of art, the content and amount of detail is outstanding to say I love what you have created is an understatement, it is out of this world beautiful, as I have said before your enthusiasm radiates from your description you sound so excited and so you should be it is amazing work, you have been given a special talent Chrissy and I for one am so honoured to be sharing this wonderful creative journey with you, take care.
lolo x

pinky said...

Oh wow Chrissy I am completely lost for words and that never happens lol. This is one stunning project! I have scrolled back and forward a few times now as there is so much to take in. I am in awe of you!!!