Monday, April 22, 2024


 Hello everyone,

So, when you leave your stuff laying about that you made, someone always pops in to say hello and " What you got there " so, you show them and proudly say I used all these boxes to make this and show them a couple more projects, and then the next day you go outside and there on your porch is 100 more boxes to play with....................................................................BUT..not all are suitable so you have now become to neighborhood recycling center...

I have used quite a few over the last six or so weeks, so here is another desk top project, we will call it " cabinet #2 "..[ insert a smiley face ]

This was a chocolate box..

I wanted to keep and use the clear lid...

so, these are the boxes I used...

all glued together, the layered with masking tape, that makes them incredibly tough..,and
sorry about the lighting, I don't know what's happening.. 

after that, they were all covered with telephone pages..

and PVA glue.,,see.

Now ready to be sealed and decorated..I painted white gesso all over first, just a thin layer
then fussy cut roses, lots of them from TLC printables..

and popped them here and there..back

and front.. 
[ showing and extra box on your right side, it fitted on the shelf with the other but left it free standing.]

looking down..

and straight at it..

I only have funny things in it, nothing in the see through cabinet yet, just not sure what to put in there, just like it sitting up there so I can look at it..
the end add on box has my envelopes I made, so that is handy..

so, there you go,
Thank you so much for stopping by.
I'll see you tomorrow..



Margreet said...

Great story about becoming the neighborhood recycling center.
You made another gorgeous project!
xxx Margreet

aussie aNNie said...

Your ideas are amazing my friend recycling the boxes and making amazing projects.. chuckling at the chocolate box xx

Chris said...

You're so creative with those boxes Chrissy- bet you were ace at 'junk' modelling when you were a kid- my son used to make the most amazing models from boxes in primary school- unfortunately, they were all huge, the paint came off in flakes and they fell to bits before we got them to the car- he didn't care, he loved them anyway and played with them for ages (longer than the expensive toys he had!) at least he had imagination even if he could have done with some of your constructive expertise.
Your storage cabinets are beautiful- and they look really strong!

crafty-stamper said...

Great recycling and love the roses -you will now be inundated with all the neighbours boxes lol.
Carol x

Valerie-Jael said...

You are now a BOXER! Keep going, more boxes will magically come to you.... Hugs!

coldwaters2 said...

Lol, oh Chrissy fancy ending up as the neighbourhood recycler, lol, but I have to say the creativity that you have put into making these shelf arrangements is second to none you are one amazing artistic crafter you have put me to shame with my stuff just plonked here and there and in any box that my stuff will fit no wonder I never know what I have, you wouldn't believe it but I used to be so organised, now not so much my feelings seem to have changed a lot since I lost my mum I don't look at thing like I used to, please keep up the good work
lolo x

KarinsArtScrap said...

fab project and beautiful done karin

*Vicki* said...

Another brilliant project Chrissy! I love your idea on this one as well! The see-through cabinet would be good for storing something that you like looking at as a reminder to use or something! LOL Now everyone will start saving things just to see what you can come up with using it! Greta ideas and thanks for sharing your talent!

Conniecrafter said...

Oh the word got around about your using boxes to create pretties for storage, you know they are going to want them back after they are all done up and pretty for display, I like how you put them together and sure it won't be long and you will find something perfect to display in your see through window :)

Lisa said...

What a delightful project! It's amazing how you've repurposed these boxes into such a charming cabinet. The addition of the fussy-cut roses adds such a lovely touch, and I can imagine it brings a smile every time you glance at it on your shelf. Great job on the recycling creativity!